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Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery

Automatic backups of your data to the cloud. Quickly recover lost or deleted data.
Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. Reduced hardware and maintenance costs.
Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Secure your network from threats and reduce the risk of Cyber Attacks.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Experienced Cloud Engineers to help make your next project a success.

IT Support

IT Support

Get help from experienced IT technicians by email, phone or chat.

Networks and Connectivity

Networks and Connectivity

Connect everything together with high speed Internet and fast wireless networks.


Increased server efficiency, more flexible backup and recovery options.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems

Make phone calls using your Internet connection. Enjoy the cost savings, get more flexibility.

We've got you covered

Backup your data to the cloud

Quickly recover lost or deleted data.


backup and recovery

Backup and Recovery

Complete 3-2-1 Backup Solutions

Three copies of your data, two on different devices and one copy offsite.

Offline Backups

Offline and read-only backups for added protection against malware and ransomware.  

Automatic and secure online backups
✓ Recover lost or deleted data from a 'point in time'
✓ Disaster recovery planning and testing
✓ Recover to your own Infrastructure or the cloud


Backups for
✓ Desktops and laptops
✓ Windows, Mac, and Linux
✓ Hyper-V, VMware, Azure and physical servers
✓ Office 365 and Google G Suite


Work from anywhere, anytime

Collaborate using chat, file sharing, and video calling. Reduced hardware and maintenance costs, improved reliability and scalability.


Microsoft Office 365

Collaborate and share online. Access your emails anywhere from any device. Save files in One Drive cloud storage. Use Teams for chat, voice, and video calling.

Microsoft Azure

Serverless full cloud solutions. Hybrid cloud solutions that integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. Cloud strategy, cost analysis and auditing.

Google G Suite 

Gmail business email and spam filtering. Secure cloud storage and sharing with Google Drive. Real time co-editing with Google Docs.


cloudsolutions transparent

Cloud Solutions

Read some of our success stories


Move to Azure and save

Success Story: Move to Azure and save on your IT Infrastructure costs.

Office 365

Less servers, more cloud

Success Story: Embrace the Cloud and simplify your IT Infrastructure.

Peace of mind

Cloud based security solutions

A layered approach to security designed to keep your network safe.

cyber security

Cyber Security

✓ Threat Protection, Antivirus and Antispam
✓ Web and DNS filtering
✓ Brute force login attack prevention
✓ Firewalls and network security
✓ Security updates and patching
✓ Proactive security health checks

Experienced people

Cloud Engineers and System Administrators

Cloud transformation projects designed and delivered to meet your needs.

Project Engineering

Practical IT solutions designed to improve the way you work and reduce costs.

✓ Office 365 and Azure migrations
✓ Single sign-on and Multi-factor authentication
✓ Virtualization and server installations
✓ Network installations and upgrades

Virtual IT Manager

Trusted advisor to help you understand the big picture and choose the right technologies for your needs.

✓ Network assessment and auditing
✓ IT strategy advice and planning
✓ Defensive security reviews and reporting



IT consulting

IT Consulting

Technology, simplified

Cost effective, flexible server infrastructure

Virtualize your servers, take advantage of lower IT costs and reduced downtime.



Infrastructure refreshes, VMware and Hyper-V server installation and support.


✓ Use server hardware resources more efficiently
✓ Deploy servers faster and make changes easily
✓ Better backup and recovery options
✓ Replicate virtual machines to another site for disaster recovery
High availability through server clustering for failover protection

Get connected, stay connected

Stay in touch with your customers

Fast, reliable networks to support your digital transformation.

Internet Connectivity
✓ Business broadband
✓ Ethernet leased lines
✓ Fibre Internet connections


Network Services
✓ Network monitoring
✓ Firewalls and switches
✓ Network security
✓ Wireless networks and site surveys

Networks and Connectivity

Networks and Connectivity

open communication

It's good to talk

Seamless communication across platforms and devices.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems

Reduce your business landline costs with an affordable cloud based VoIP phone system.


✓ Integrated chat, voice and video calling
✓ Video conferencing
✓ Web meetings and desktop sharing
✓ Make VoIP calls from your mobile

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