Email Security

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Email Threat Protection

Defend against spam, malware and email phishing attacks

Email threats increased by

in 2020.

The volume and sophistation of cyber attacks is increasing.

Malicious email is one of the most common cyber security threats that businesses face.

Email based attacks are often used for phishing to try and steal login information and to deliver malware.

Email Security

Has one of your Office 365 accounts been hacked?
Do you receive a lot of spam and phishing emails?
Are there gaps in your multi-factor authentication?

Email Spoofing

Who is sending phishing emails pretending to be from your domain?
Do you get phishing emails using display name spoofing?

cyber security

We can help improve your email security and reduce the amount of malicious emails you receive.

Email Reputation

Are your marketing emails getting delivered to the junk folder?
What is the reputation of your email domains and IP addresses?
Is your mail server on a spam block list?

Office 365 Security

We have experienced Office 365 security experts who can help secure your Office 365 tenant after a breach.
We offer proactive security reviews to help improve your cyber defenses.

What we offer:

✓ Improve security with Azure Conditional Access Polices
✓ Protecting your email reputation and improving email deliverability
✓ Protection from display name and domain name spoofing
✓ Configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC to improve your email security
✓ Monitoring your SPF, DKIM and DMARC setup with regular reports 
✓ Email blacklist monitoring
✓ Phishing awareness training

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